Hedge work

Hedge work

There are many species of plants used to make hedges from the delicate griselinia to the hardy and fast-growing Lilly Pilly.

Hedges are a more attractive and ecological alternative for boundry privacy than fences, but they do take some work.

Trimmed every 6 months, a hedge can add plenty of aesthetic beauty and really offset your garden nicely. At Lawns and More, we have all the equipment to trim hedges and clean up and bag the trimmings, removing them to leave your property looking fantastic.

Tree felling

Tree work

At Lawns and More, we can trim back tree branches to re-shape a tree to fit in better with the aesthetic of the garden, let in more light, or prevent a tree from growing into another tree or touching structures such as the house or garage.

Further, we can fell trees given that the tree is not excessively tall, growing through of over power lines or overhanging structures.

We have the equipment to trim palms and are called on to trim Californian Fan Palms even when these have grown very tall.